Nina Nesbitt все клипы Смотреть онлайн

Nina Nesbitt все клипы Смотреть онлайн

Новый клип Somebody Special Смотреть онлайн

Nina Nesbitt (born 11 July 1994) is a Scottish singer/songwriter. Nesbitt was born on 11 July 1994 in Balerno, Edinburgh, and attended Balerno Community High School. She started her music career by writing and recording songs in her bedroom and uploading the videos to her YouTube channel. She plays the guitar, piano and flute. After meeting Ed Sheeran, she was invited to support him on his European tour, and was also invited to support Example after he heard her cover of "Stay Awake". She also appeared in the video for Ed Sheeran's song "Drunk".

Список клипов Nina Nesbitt

  1. Somebody Special
  2. Somebody Special (Official Video)
  3. The Moments I'm Missing (feat. Goody Grace)
  4. The Best You Had
  5. Chewing Gum
  6. Selfies
  7. Way In The World
  8. No Interest
  9. Just Before Goodbye
  10. Statues
  11. Boy
  12. Make Me Fall
  13. Stay Out

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